San Teodoro

San Teodoro, with its 37 km of coastline, flanked by granite cliffs and crystal clear water, is one of the most popular seaside resort  in the north-east coast of Sardinia.

It offers natural wonders such as the famous beaches, part of the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo, the Lagoon and the suggestive Monte Nieddu mountain.

But also restaurants, Agriturismo, pubs, live music and events…

San Teodoro is perfect for families and children with its sandy beaches and for guys with a vibrant and energetic nightlife; It preserves local traditions: typical products, costumes, traditional songs and dances.

In the city center, location of the famous Coclearia evening market, you will find the Churches,  the Friday morning market, the mural of Luigi Castiglioni and the tourist office; close by the Museum (I.Ci.Mar.) and the city theatre.

From our B&B you can easily reach the most beautiful and famous beaches, such as Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu, La Cinta and L’Isuledda. The Beach bus stop is just 300 meters!!!

In San Teodoro you can also practice all your favorite sports!

Sea: Diving and snorkeling, boat excursions, canoes and kayak, windsurf and kitesurf, sailing.
Lagoon: on foot, on horseback, on board of the Lianti boat. It’s the paradise of the bird watchers
Land: Visit Mount Nieddu on foot, on horseback, by jeep and mountain biking;
Air: discover San Teodoro from above with the microlight aircraft.

And again…football, soccer, tennis, golf and beach volley.


What are you waiting for? Discover with us  this paradise on earth!